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Welcome to Believe Hope Inspire Wellness Services! I'm Dianne Presley, LCSW.


Believe, Hope, Inspire Wellness Services LLC was born out of my life story. For so many years I lived far below the dreams I had in my heart. I had beliefs about myself, about others, and about my place in the world that limited me.


Through challenging old beliefs and engaging more optimistically with others around me, hope began to build – hope that I could lay down old habits and mindsets and use them as stepping stones to my future.

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Are you paralyzed by worry, fear, panic, anxiety, sadness or conflict? Don’t stay stuck. We can help you identify the strengths you already have to move beyond where you are now and into the life you long to have. It doesn’t have to be this way.


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Lots of feelings roll through our relationship when we bring home a new baby: Anticipation and anxiety, love and loss of freedom, family and fear of change, and many others. Distance forms as couples fight over the “right way” to parent, children feel the tension, and shared happiness gives way to continued conflict. We just want you to know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Learn more about how we work on our Happier Parenting Together page or schedule an appointment below. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Feeling, stuck, tired, and confused about how to make your relationship better? Maybe every conversation ends up in a fight so you have just stopped talking at all. Don’t give up. There is hope. Using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, our counseling sessions focus on both the strengths and challenges in your relationship and introduce new tools you can use to break old habits. Once you know a different way, it could change everything. Don’t waste another minute.


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Has broken trust, betrayal or infidelity left you feeling hopeless about your relationship? You have pain, regret, anger, shame, and guilt. You long to be heard and understood, acknowledged in your pain, forgiven, and healed. This research-based, clinical approach to rebuilding your relationship can give you the tools you need to understand what happened and where to go from here.


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Our Speaker Series focuses on making the most of your life individually and in your relationships. Take a personal journey with Dianne Presley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as she challenges you to live an inspired life through her Self-Care for Professionals Series. Looking to strengthen your relationship? Dianne has been trained by the Gottman Institute to teach "Bringing Baby Home" and "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" and offers these workshops in the community. So, don't settle for an okay life. Make it the best it can be. 

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