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As busy professionals, we are always under a time crunch. Our schedules are so full that it literally seems impossible to make time for the things that keep us strong and give us energy. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s mentally and emotionally as well. We feel like we’re losing the game and aren’t sure what it all even means anymore.


But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Find hope and inspiration in our new “Self-Care for Professionals” series!

  • It starts with our Self-Care 1.0 class where we’ll introduce you to a hands-on, practical way to squeeze in a few minutes a day for yourself choosing from a buffet of options that might just work for you! But we don’t leave you alone to figure out how to take what you’ve learned and put it into practice. We’ll come alongside you if you need more help.

  • In our After-Care 1.0 Self-Care Accountability Group we’ll journey with you for 4-weeks in a small online group to give you time to make this new plan a habit.

  • The habit becomes a lifestyle after our Self-Care 2.0 class, when we take the plan you have established and fine-tune it. No one expects you to gain the perfect formula the first time around, so don’t quit! Learn the process of reviewing each week and deciding what to keep and what to replace. If it was easy, everyone would be strong, healthy, and happy. It takes time and focus and this class is where you learn how to evaluate where you are and continue to move forward!

Don’t Wait! Start the journey to your best life today!

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