We understand how busy your life is. Back to back appointments, pressing commitments, traffic, unexpected demands on your time - all of these keep you pressured to make the most of every minute.  Have a very public profile and concerned about being seen in our waiting room or crossing paths with someone who may know you? What if we could make it easier for you to schedule time for yourself ?

What if you could just close the door, login, and dedicate an hour to focus on you? No driving or traffic. No rushing around. No worry about who'll see you and who you'll see. Does that help you breathe a little easier? We hoped it would. 


Call us at 850.450.7223 to find out more. Or just go ahead and schedule your appointment today. We're waiting to help. (An initial face-to-face session is required for this service.




eCounseling services are available to clients anywhere in Florida.

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