We work with new parents or couples expecting a baby using proven techniques anchored in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and the principles learned as a Certified Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator. You’ll learn ways to strengthen your friendship, increase affection and intimacy, and improve how you and your partner work together as parents.


Parenting together can be difficult and hadn’t come with a manual that’s based in research – until now!  Some of the things you’ll learn include:


  • How to move through time together with less conflict

  • Ways to encourage each other as parents

  • How to increase positivity and reduce negativity

  • Steps to regulate emotions during conflict discussions

  • The importance of new rituals that deepen emotional connection and intimacy

  • The importance of both mothers and fathers in parenting

  • How to preserve intimacy and romance

  • Ways to connect individually with your child

  • Sound principles that help you build a relationship that thrives over a lifetime and respects and honors the needs of both parents


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