Q. I can't come into the office. Can I still schedule an appointment?


A. Video counseling sessions are available after an initial phone consultation has been conducted. For current clients, it's easy. When you book an appointment in the scheduler, simply choose "Online" instead of "In Office". 


Q. How do I know that therapy can really help me?


A. We use research-based strategies that help motivated clients make changes in their life. There is no magic wand that makes your life better, but if you are willing to participate and come to sessions regularly you will learn new skills that can change your thoughts and actions. Over time you begin to feel better, are more confident and content, and your life may seem easier – less overwhelming and more like a life on purpose.


Q. What can I expect when I come in for a session?


A. Our office is located at 1882 Capital Circle NE Suite 201 in Centre Pointe Professional Center. Just turn between Ruby Tuesdays and Townhome Suites. We have plenty of parking so not to worry. And we have an elevator if you need it.


Q. Will you try to tell me what to do? To change my job or leave my spouse?


A. Not at all. In fact, many clients wish we would! Together we’ll set your goals for therapy and a member of our team will use her expertise to help you meet them. Instead of solving your problems for you, we’ll give you the tools to solve your own.


Q. Can I come to therapy alone? What if my partner doesn’t want to come?


A. Of course you can come alone! Change really starts within ourselves. Making sure you are strong and emotionally well is a great start to improving your relationships with others. You can invite your partner later if you like.


Q. Do you accept HSA/FSA cards?


A. Yes! Mental health counseling or therapy is considered a qualified medical expense, so you can use funds on your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) cards. We also can provide all necessary receipts if needed.


Q. Will therapy be worth my time and money? This is a big investment of both.


A. Although therapy is not guaranteed to solve all your life problems, it is an investment in yourself and your future.  Poor emotional health is very expensive. It costs missed days from work, wasted time laying on the couch, endless hours crying yourself to sleep, and costly mistakes because you just can’t focus on what you’re doing.


An investment of $100 - $125 per hour and an hour a week of your time could gain you the life you've always longed to have.


Don't sell yourself short and waste time and money managing the symptoms. Make your emotional and mental health a priority today!


Q. Can I get started right away? What if I don’t see an opening on your calendar that fits my schedule?


A. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. We have early morning and early evening appointments several days a week.


Q. I know I could benefit from talking to someone about the problems I face. But there is honestly no room in my schedule to work in a session and to drive back and forth. It is also very important to me that my privacy be maintained and that no one see me going in and out of a therapy or coaching office. How can I get help when these are true challenges for me?


A. We understand. That is why we are so passionate about our online counseling services. No one should be penalized for a heavy schedule or for the high profile life they live. After an initial phone consultation and intake screening, clients can then log into their secure patient portal from the privacy of their own homes or offices. No rush to get back. No chance of being late or disappointing those who depend on you to be on time. And less chance that you will have to answer questions you don't want to answer. Find out more about our Online services here.


Have more questions? No problem. Just give us a call at 850.450.7223.