Feeling angry, lonely, confused, misunderstood? Relationships can be hard, love sometimes fades, and trust is often broken. It all leaves you wondering if you even want to keep trying. Let us help


We work with couples using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a therapeutic method based on over 40 years of research with couples who have lasting, happy, and fulfilling relationships. The therapy focuses on doing more of what happy couples do while eliminating those behaviors and habits that lead to frustration, broken relationships, and divorce. Here’s a summary of what works and what doesn’t. Also, here Dr. John Gottman talks about what’s present in the couples who “master” their relationship and in those whose relationship is a “disaster”.

Dianne also works with new parents or couples expecting a baby using proven Gottman principles found in their "Bringing Baby Home" research. You'll learn ways to strengthen your friendship,  increase intimacy and affection, and improve how you and your partner communicate and work together as parents. Just choose a couple session in the scheduler and we'll get started.

Some couples need more than just a relationship reboot. When things seem more desperate we can help. Using the techniques learned in Gottman’s 'Treating Traumas and Affairs' and 'Couples and Addiction Recovery' we offer a research-based approach to how traumas, affairs, and addiction impact the couple relationship and how to rebuild trust over time.


Because couples approach counseling in many different ways we offer our sessions in different ways, too.

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Weekly 75 minutes to 2 hour sessions

A more traditional approach to counseling that generally involves 3-6 months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions at a slower pace.


4-Hour Mini Marathon sessions


For clients who need and want a more intense focus immediately, we offer mini-marathon sessions. Rather than waiting a week or more in between sessions, these couples are ready to set aside a block of time all at once so that they can tune in more easily to the issues at hand.


Mini-marathons are appropriate where trust has been broken or when divorce has been discussed. These sessions are also great for clients who want a relationship reboot to rekindle passion and romance. Scheduling several mini marathon sessions can have a benefit similar to 4-6 months of weekly counseling sessions.


Mini-marathons are NOT appropriate in situations where there are ongoing affairs, active addiction, threats of violence, untreated mental illness, or when clients are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts or have a history of inflicting self-harm.

So, are you ready to take the next step? It’s amazing how much better your relationship can be.


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