Self-Care for Professionals Series


Are you a busy professional who has somehow gotten dropped off your own schedule? Are you watching as your team's personal health and wellness suffers under the pressure of the job? You can make a difference. Change inspires change. Learn how to be the catalyst to take yourself and your team higher. Let us bring our Self-Care for Professionals Series to your team or small group. 


It's time to take take your life beyond just making resolutions or setting more goals. You know what to do, learn how to put it into action. It’s amazing how small changes can go a long way in reducing stress, improving wellness, and increasing personal performance in life and work. Train your mind, body, and


spirit to work together so your daily actions build your best life story. Come away with your own personalized self-care plan to get you on your way and learn how to talk to others about the changes you need to make. It’s a new way to make room for you! And a new way to build in accountability with your team or small group as you journey together through the series and agree to hold each other accountable for the commitments you make to yourself.


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Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Expecting a new baby or finding it difficult to transition into parenthood? Join Dianne as she teaches the  "Bringing Baby Home" workshop and learn proven ways to enjoy parenthood without sacrificing your relationship from a Gottman Educator who knows the secrets to success. See more about the workshop in this video from Dr. John Gottman.

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Have a fun, interactive seminar for your community, church or work group or join Dianne in a weekend retreat for couples. It's a light-hearted way to focus on your relationship and come away energized and renewed.

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Is your relationship strong but you’d like to make it more fun? Have you lost the joy of being together and the fondness toward each other that builds lasting intimacy? Learn new skills that help you bring back the fun, communicate more effectively, and resolve every day conflict in a gentler, kinder way.

As a Gottman Leader trained in the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, I have the benefit of 40 years of research done by Drs. John and Julie Gottman on effective techniques everyone can use to understand others better, resolve conflict, and maintain friendship and intimacy in relationships. Strengthen your relationship  in a whole new way.

See an overview by Dr. John Gottman of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

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